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updated March 2017


In the case that you have to leave China before planned, China Link will always arrange flight with the possibility of changing the return date, but every change after the final booking the tickets will incur an additional charge of 140-200 Euro depending on the company.

Flights booked by China Link have a return date 180 days after departure.
It is possible to choose an alternative return date within the last 3 weeks of the stay (where you have vacation). China Link must be notified no later than one week after the information day if you want an alternate day of return.

You must prepay flight yourself, and the ticket will be reimbursed by Cathay Future in installments and will be fully reimbursed not later than after 159 days.

It is each participant's responsibility immediately to check that all the information on the issued ticket is correct - that your name on the ticket is consistent with the name on your passport - and that travel time, flight number and classification of the ticket is as agreed.

You can arrange with China Link that you purchase your travel in combination with other destinations and will then of course get the same reimbursement as everyone else.


Payment for the arrangement and all fees are 770 Euro.
With your payment you commit to attending. If you cancel, your payment will not be refunded.


If you are keen and want to practice the most common chinese words and phrases you can visit the BBC website Real Chinese.
At Cathay  Future there is on a weekly basis allotted time to Chinese lessons for volunteers at Cathay Future. In addition, you are also at Cathay Future invited to participate in the Chinese Culture Club, workshop courses around traditional Chinese virtues.


You will receive meal tickets for the canteen at Cathay Future equal to 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.

Accommodation is in the center's International Teachers Club with room for 20 foreign volunteers. You will live two and two together, in rooms with toilet and bath. Cathay Future expects each participant to find their own roommate.

In the last 3 weeks where you have holiday, Cathay Future expects to be able to allow others to use the rooms in Teachers Village to others. If you do not want to travel in the last 3 weeks, notify your contact person at Cathay Future in due time. If you are staying for the last 3 weeks, Cathay Future might charge you for the room (at Hostel price). Alternatively, you can continue to work and remain unchanged.

If Cathay Future changes its vacation plans or contrary to expectation wants you to stop working earlier than planned, you will most likely be able to have your room (if you do not want to travel). But the cantine can be closed, and it is expected that you provide food for yourself.

You can safely deposit luggage at the Cathay Future, if you do not want to have everything with you on your vacation in China.


In terms of insurance the stay is not work but leisure. Cathay Future has no injury insurance that covers in case of injury during the stay. The only way you can be insured is through a travel insurance.


You can consult Cathay Futures pediatrician for minor diseases. Otherwise Tianjin has a number of good and less good hospitals. Prices and treatment quality do differ..
If your travel insurance is to pay for a treatment, you should check with the travel insurance in advance. Your insurance company might have certain hospitals or clinics which they have special agreements with.


Upon arrival Cathay Future has arranged with clean linen, but afterwards you are responsible for washing of linen and clothes in general. There is access to a washing machine in the accommodation.


If your luggage is damaged or lost during the flight, be sure to notify the luggage reclaim goods office in the arrival hall before you leave the airport - otherwise your insurance will become invalid. As proof of the notification, you need a so-called PIR report.
Carrier's liability for luggage is typically limited. If you think your luggage of greater value than the airline's standard, you should sign up for a specific baggage insurance (check baggage coverage on your travel insurance)
Backpacks, not transported in a closed bag, are usually not covered by your insurance. See more about your rights as airline passenger >>


Cathay Future organizes a 5 day trip for you and your team with all expenses paid. Xian with the famous Terracotta figurines is one of the places that Cathay Future likes you to visit. For the autumn team the 5 day trip is organized around National Day on October the 1st or in early December, and for the spring team around International Day on May the 1st.


Your week at Cathay Future is max 35 hours, and you are entitled to 2 consecutive days off per week. In China common holidays are at Chinese New Year in February and around National Day on October the 1th. There is no vacation for Christmas or at other Christian celebrations.
There is "siesta" daily at noon, 2-3 hours.The working day is thereby divided into two, from 8am to approximately 12 and again from about 2pm to about 5.