China Link is a small enterprise, with only 3 employees working part time, so we can arrange your trip to China for relatively small amount of money. We have worked with sending volunteers to China since 2003 and some of our partners in China are now really enthusiastic to receive people from the West. But the challenges are numerous and still new. Right now we are in the process of developing a project in Western China, which is a new area for Westerners. So of course we are always delighted to meet volunteers who can take on new challenges.


Different priorities and different benefits.

For Chinese parents teaching of English has the highest priority. For China Link the highest focus is bridging the gab between Western and Chinese teaching methods. But as expected a half year stay in China is also a personal push, and the strongest benefit obviously will be the friendships that will develop during your stay.

We call it "cultural exchange".

From the millennium and onwards, China has become more and more open to the outside world, A shared language across continents and borders is essential in order that China remains open. China Link introduces English teachers to kindergartens and schools in China, so that children in China may have optimal opportunities, not only to learn English, but also for children and young people in China to get an affectionate insight to the world through volunteers from the West.

An unpretentious and informal teaching environment.

Education and teaching in China is based on traditional Chinese virtues like duty, respect and diligence. But the modern China wants more than the traditional values. - interaction between children and adults, - that a child can have fun with the adults - that it can be fun to learn - are the values you as a volunteer English teacher add to the learning experience.

"It's something about finding the balance between the professional and the social, -

and the best part is, that you learn a lot about youself by being close to China and the chinese way of living. It is as if you get to see all the good in your own schooling," says Daniel Bier, who was a volunteer English teacher in China Link in 2013 -" the indolent schooldays you yourself have had, and all the endless talk about meaningsless small problems among classmates, suddenly becomes meaningful. The big contrast in the way one goes to school in China, compared to what we knows from home, is like a mirror."

In other words:. We stongly believe it's an interesting task to send volunteer English teachers to China and follow what China does for you.